Life Together Forever

Sat 3rd Feb 9:00am – 5:00pm

West Houston Church of Christ, 17100 West Rd, Houston, TX, United States Map

Together with other couples, enjoy discovering the way forward in common challenges of relationships with exciting sessions including.

We want to help couples take their marriages to the next level, experience relationship healing and restoration and strengthen communication and connection.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide childcare for this event at the building. Keeping children in the confined spaces of our facility for an extended period of time (8 or 9 hours) is probably not in the best interest of the child or childcare providers. However, if paying for your own child care while also simultaneously paying for the cost of the event somehow prevents you from attending, please choose the Child Care Exempt Ticket. Note: This exemption is only for those who cannot afford to pay for their own childcare and the cost of registration. We want to invest in your marriage and make this special day as affordable as possible so that everyone can participate.

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